Laundry Lab's collection is inspired by travels around the globe and years of experience in the wholesale and retail industry.

Every piece has been created with love and respect for our day to day hustle and bustle. Creating this collection while being in a worldwide pandemic, made us dream and long even more for adventure. Therefore we started with designing our organized make-up - and toilet bags to get in touch with our inner Marie Kondo on future travels.

All our garments have been designed to be worn in the most effortless way, while still looking fresh and classy. Whether you're curvy, tall or tiny, you'll definitely find that one piece you'll be loving and wearing for years. 

As our founder and designer is not a typical morning person and usually running late, we made sure to create items that would make it easy to dress up without putting an effort into it. 'Cause hey, what's not to like about looking cute in 5 minutes?'

Inspired by life, brought to you with love.


Anna & The Laundry Lab Team



Verschansingstraat 40 , 2000 Antwerpen

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